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New Christian movement launched

Equal Voices was launched on the evening of Friday 24th February this year by Hon. Michael Kirby. It is a national, ecumenical and grassroots movement of Christians who are committed to giving an equal voice to LGBTIQ+ fellow Christians in the body of Christ. It will also pursue reconciliation with these our precious siblings.

Inspiring and emboldening us in this process are experiences such as the following, which were shared at a special service of lament and apology held at St James, King Street on that night.

'Since coming out as gay in 2008, I have never felt safe - let alone loved - in almost all Australian Churches. I have been denied the Lord 's Supper, asked to leave Bible Studies, and been labeled a threat to Christian community.'

'I'm afraid of the church, I'm afraid of fellow Christians. I can't step into a church building without getting spikes of anxiety and wanting to run as fast as possible in the opposite direction.'

'I grew up being taught by the church that homosexuality was evil and that boys who wanted to be girls were going against God 's grand design.'

The Reverend Dr Keith Mascord said 'Stories such as these, and they are countless and growing, have prompted us to initiate a National Apology to LGBTIQ+ fellow Australians for the damage and hurt we Christians have been responsible for.'

If you would like to add your voice to the apology, you can do so at If you would like to become a member of Equal Voices, or be added to a mailing list to receive up-dates and newsletters, you can do so on the Equal Voices web-site (above). If you are on Facebook, if you like or follow the Equal Voices site, you will also keep being up-dated.