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Anglican Primate addresses Anglicans Together annual dinner

The Most Reverend Philip Freier

Archbishop Freier addressing the Anglicans Together Dinner

We are the Church for the whole world—this is God's choice, not ours. This is critical to how we engage in community service. There is a tension between sectarianism and the common good, between tribalism and the whole community. Jesus' mandate in the Sermon on the Mount is a mandate of service to the whole world.

The Rev'd Andrew Sempell and The Most Reverend Philip Freier

Archbishop Freier was welcomed by the President of Anglicans together, the Rev'd Andrew Sempell

The Most Reverend Dr Philip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne and Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia was the guest of honour at the Anglicans Together annual dinner in Sydney on Tuesday, 19 March 2019.

Question time

Question time

Archbishop Freier addressed the topic 'Holding to the common good in a divided world' with particular reference to the community service of Father Gerard Tucker, founder of the Brotherhood of St Laurence.

Christopher Waterhouse and The Most Reverend Philip Freier

Christopher Waterhouse, Director of the St James Institute thanks the Archbishop

The full text of Archbishop Freier's address can be found on his website.

The audience

Archbishop Freier