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About us

Why Anglicans Together?

Anglicans Together is an organisation that promotes an inclusive expression of Anglicanism in the Diocese of Sydney. Anglicans Together supports the idea that the Anglican Church is both catholic and reformed. It allows for difference as described in the Lambeth Quadrilateral. We wish to show that our God, as seen in the Lord Jesus Christ, is not a God that can be defined by one point of view but the genius of the Anglican style is that we can draw upon the revelation of God to all God's people. Anglicans Together is an association incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act 1984 to:
  • maintain, foster and develop the life of the Anglican Church in Australia;
  • confirm our common allegiance to the Anglican Communion as an integral part of the larger body of Christ's church;
  • maintain the comprehensiveness and respect the diversity of belief and practice as it has developed within the Anglican Church;
  • promote unity and co-operation with the Anglican Church in the best interests of its mission and the credibility of the Gospel in Australian society; and
  • foster member involvement and participation in Synod with informed debate, coherent reasoning and constructive criticism.

open Read the Rules and Objects of Anglicans Together Inc. (PDF file)

Office Bearers for the year 2018-2019:

Rev Andrew Sempell
President: The Reverend Andrew Sempell
Mrs Susan Hooke
Vice President: Mrs Susan Hooke
Mr Wesley Fairhall
Public Officer & Treasurer: Mr Wesley Fairhall
Ms Carolyn Lawes
Honorary Secretary: Ms Carolyn Lawes
Rev Philip Bradford
Executive Member: The Reverend Philip Bradford
Ms Lyn Bannerman
Executive Member: Ms Lyn Bannerman
Rev Max Wood
Executive Member: The Reverend Dr Max Wood
Ms Moya Holle
Co-opted Member: Ms Moya Holle
Ms Caroline Bowyer
Co-opted Member: Ms Caroline Bowyer
The Reverend Michael Armstrong
Co-opted Member: The Reverend Michael Armstrong
Mr Marius Barnsley
Co-opted Member: Mr Marius Barnsley