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Children's ministry

The Parish of Hunters Hill is seeking 2 part-time Ministers to work with children. 4 hours a week.

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Revd Andre Sempell

Ora et labora

The President of Anglicans Together, the Reverend Andrew Sempell, writes about possessions and being possessed.
End of the road

Holy Saturday

The end of the road or an 'in-between place'? Sr Helen CSC ponders the meaning of Holy Saturday.
Revd Dr John Bunyan

An inclusive church?

Reflections on the state of the church by the Reverend Dr John Bunyan.
Coast scene

A Christian response to climate change

Sr Helen CSC writes 'Death and life, fear and love, difference and similarity are all present when we consider the issue of climate change.'
Consider the Birds (book cover)

Consider the Birds

The Reverend Philip Bradford reviews Consider the Birds: A Provocative Guide to Birds of the Bible, by Debbie Blue.
The Anchoress (book cover)

The Anchoress

Moya Holle reviews The Anchoress, by Robyn Cadwallader.