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Children's ministry

The Parish of Hunters Hill is seeking 2 part-time Ministers to work with children. 4 hours a week.

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Revd Andre Sempell

Ora et labora

The President of Anglicans Together, the Reverend Andrew Sempell, asks why there is growing hostility to the Church and its message.
the late Bishop John McIntyre

Gippsland's prophetic voice

The Reverend Ronald Henderson OGS reviews A Man Called Johnny Mac: Selected Writings of Bishop John McIntyre, edited by Muriel Porter.
St Paul's Burwood

West Sydney Parish lives out the Gospel whilst restoring and beautifying its historic church

St Paul's Church Burwood has multiple Projects happening

A Not So Inclusive Church!

James Moore writes a follow-on to the the Rev Dr John Bunyan's article An Inclusive Church in the March issue of the Anglicans Together Newsletter
book cover

Falling and Flying: Poems on Ageing

John Richards reviews this book of poems edited by Judith Beveridge and Dr Susan Ogle, illustrated by Dr Richard Wu
Rev Dr John Bunyan

Being a hospital chaplain in the midst of multi-cultural life

The Reverend Dr John Bunyan writes about his experience as a hospital chaplain.