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Older essays which have been published in our on-line journal. Most are in PDF Format. They are better viewed on a larger screen.

The Reverend Dr Scott Cowdell, Research Associate Professor in Public and Contextual Theology, Charles Sturt University The Eucharist Makes the Church. Two addresses delivered to the St James' Institute, Sydney, 2 June 2013.
The Reverend Andrew Sempell, Rector of St James' Anglican Church, Sydney Reply to Archbishop Peter Jensen's 2012 pastoral letter to parishioners of the Diocese on redefining marriage.
Dr Heather Thomson Lift Up Your Hearts: Peace-Making in an Anglican Voice. Address given at the Anglicans Together Dinner, September 2011.
The Reverend Clive Norton Weeds & Seeds Growing Together. Sermon preached at St Peter's Anglican Church, Cremorne, NSW,17 July 2011.
Dr Gail Ball Women in Christian History. Papers presented at the St James Institute, Sydney.
Professor Michael Horsburgh On Forgiving the Unforgiveable. Sermon preached at St Luke's Anglican Church, Enmore, 11 September 2011.
Dr Kevin Giles Kevin Giles replies to the Melbourne Hierarchical-Complementarians. Presented to a conference of the Hierarchical Complementarians, Melbourne, 2010.
The Reverend Dr Michael Spence, Vice Chancellor and Principal, University of Sydney Address to the Anglicans Together Dinner, 15 October 2010.
The Reverend Dr Graham Cole, Formerly Principal of Ridley College, Melbourne and currently Professor of Biblical and Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois, USA Trinity Without Tiers. Public lecture. [Links to an external audio file]
Bishop Barbara Darling, Diocese of Melbourne Sydney and Melbourne Anglicans from 1836 to 2009: Historical and Personal Reflections. Address to the Anglicans Together Dinner, 20 November 2009.
The Most Reverend Phillip Aspinall, Primate, Anglican Church of Australia Address to a Public Meeting in Sydney (Christ Church St Laurence hall), Tuesday 15 September, 2009.
Dr Peter Jensen, Archbishop of Sydney Sydney Anglicans and the GFC. Letter to clergy, 4 June 2009. (Also see Anglicans Together Newsletter July 2009 edition pp. 1-2.)
Sr Dr Patricia Madigan op, executive director of the Dominican Centre for Interfaith, Ministry, Education and Research A talk presented to the NSW Ecumenical Council, Sydney, 25 May 2009. Dr Madigan was awarded a PhD from Sydney University in 2008 for work on similarities and differences in the experiences of Roman Catholic and Muslim women in Australia in relation to their faith.
The Reverend Dr Bruce Kaye What does the Lambeth Conference mean for the future of the Anglican Communion and the Diocese of Sydney? Address at the Anglicans Together Dinner, 2008.
The Reverend Canon Dr Jane Shaw, Dean of Divinity, New College, Oxford, UK The State of the Communion. Address at the Anglicans Together Dinner, 2006.
Stuart Piggin Address at the launch of Kevin Giles' book 'The Father and the Son: modern evangelicals reinvent the doctrine of the Trinity'.
The Reverend Canon Dr Jane Shaw, Dean of Divinity, New College, Oxford, UK Stranger than Fiction: Truth and Fantasy in Literature and Theology. Address at the Anglicans Together Annual Dinner, 2005.
Michael Deasey Farewell speech as outgoing Director of Music at St Andrew's Cathedral.
Michael Deasey Speech to a meeting of ex-choristers of St Andrew's Cathedral, in which the author gave some insight into the ways in which the views on worship of the [then] Dean changed cathedral liturgical practice.
Bruce Cooke, EcoChurch Coordinator, St Mark's Anglican Church, South Hurstville Eco-Church: a Model for Faith Communities.
The Reverend James McPherson Comment on the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans.
Justice Keith Mason Believers in Court: Sydney Anglicans Going to Law. Cable lecture.
The Honourable Justice Adams Reflections on Crime and Punishment. Address at St James King Street, 26 February 2003.
Bill Lawton Drawing a Fine Line for Debate.
[...] Response to Bill Lawton, Drawing a Fine Line for Debate.
[...] Synod 2003: Report on Proceedings. (Issues include the Primates' meeting on the tensions within the Anglican Communion, Lay and Diaconal Presidency, Freemasonry, and slavery.)
The Reverend Humphrey Southern The Impossibility of the Last Word: the Theology of Rowan Williams.
The Reverend James McPherson The Missionary Value of Parables: Pastoral Care in Sydney's Post Christian Society.
Peter Heath Marketplace Conversations: An Opportunity for Australian Anglicanism in the Global Business Context.
Stephen Pickard, Head of the School of Theology, Charles Sturt University Spiritual Life on the Anglican Veranda.
The Reverend Canon Dr Ivan Head, Warden, St Paul's College, University of Sydney Sermon, 11 September Requiem Eucharist.
The Right Reverend Robert Forsyth, Bishop of South Sydney 'Speaking the Truth in Love' Yet Again!: A Response to Michael Horsburgh's Paper.
Michael Horsburgh Speaking the Truth in Love? The Search for an Adequate Social Theology. (A response to the 2002 Halifax Portal lecture of the same name, given by Anglican Archbishop of Sydney Dr Peter Jensen.)
Bishop Graeme Rutherford Planting Churches on the Central Coast. Address to the Anglicans Together Annual Dinner, 7 August 2002.
The Reverend James McPherson Building on a Rickety Foundation. A comment on church planting.
Dr. Kevin Giles The Prevailing Doctorine of the Church in the Diocese of Sydney: A Case Study in Spotlight Theology. Paper presented in 1994 at the invitation of Anglicans Together.
Michael Horsburgh In Praise of Debate: an Essay to Inaugurate Anglicans Together online.